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The foundation is that part of the structure whose function is to adequately convey the loads of the structure to the ground and provide a stable support system.

The foundation will be well designed if it adequately fulfills its double function, stability and resistance, controlling two limit states namely service conditions and failure failure conditions.

These two fault conditions are called boundary states, because they both determine whether a foundation serves or not.

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Eternal Rock Construction Inc is highly specialized in the construction or repair of a retaining wall.

The retaining walls are constructive elements that fulfill the function of enclosure, generally supporting the horizontal efforts produced by the thrust of earth. In other types of construction, they are used to contain water or other liquids in the case of deposits.

A retaining wall not only supports the horizontal thrust transmitted by the ground, it must also receive the vertical forces transmitted to pillars, load walls and slabs that support them. Most of the retaining walls are constructed of reinforced concrete, fulfilling the function of supporting the ground thrust, generally in dismounts or embankments, avoiding the collapse and supporting the slope.

Please feel free to look at examples of our most recent works

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The Eternal Rock Construction Inc team knows how to repair concrete sidewalks and the installation of concrete sidewalks of all shapes and sizes. 

Over the years, we have become one of the leading in concrete sidewalk repair and installation companies in the Portland OR metro area. From the standard sidewalk to custom concrete sidewalk designs, we can handle any project. We also offer other alternatives, such as added exposed sidewalks, multi-grooved sidewalks, stamped concrete, colors and many other more specific types of sidewalk facilities. If you already have a damaged concrete sidewalk, you can repair that. Whether your existing concrete suffers from root damage, water damage, or serious damage load weight.

We try to understand the needs of our customers. When we carry out a concrete sidewalk project we put as much emphasis on concrete removal and demolition as the installation of the new sidewalk. We know how important it is to keep disaster and ruin to a ... Read more »

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Protect elements from the elements, cover irregularities and
Provide a uniform base to another coating or as a final finish.
Accuracy requirements in the planes of finishes, the flattened ones can be: to talocha, lead and rule, to level and rule or to blowout and rule,
By their type of surface finish, the flattened ones can be: repellado, polish to sponge, rustico to flat, among others
It is that the sliding sample follows vertical to the plumb line. The advantage of using lead is that it allows flattening of high quality.

Level and rule:

It is the application of the mixture, and must be properly leveled. Any type of level aided with bursting (hemp threads) is used. Once the surface is level, the rule is preceded to extend the flattening of the samples. Then it is tuned with the help of the trowel until having a completely smooth surface.

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The exposed concrete is a great specialty of the team of Eternal Rock Construction, more than 40 years covering perfectly this area.

The exposed concrete is durable, durable and useful for all types of applications, from warehouses to art galleries and garages to domestic living rooms. It is particularly useful for heavy loads or traffic or, when combined with underfloor heating, for continuous and efficient space heating. As a finish they may appear utilitarian or luxurious depending largely on the materials chosen and installation techniques.

The most common texture or finish for indoor exposed concrete floors is polished - either float power for a smooth solid appearance, or ground diamond for exposing aggregates. A requirement for increased slip resistance is often an engine for exploring other options, such as the inclusion of retarders or shot blasting. Some of the techniques most used for external surfaces, such as imprinting or brushing, can also be used for ... Read more »

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The stamped concrete is the result of adding color and texture to the concrete that is in a fresh state, so as to resemble the appearance of materials such as: stones, slabs, terracotta, bricks, paving stones, etc.

The use of stamped concrete is growing because of its versatility and visibility; It also has two important advantages over other materials: durability and cost. The slabs of stone and bricks are options that despite their good visual impression, carry two major drawbacks: a long time of construction and the price of materials and specialized manpower they require, warrant a very high budget , In regard to surface finish for floors. In addition they have mortar joints where you can give the entrance of water, resulting the consequences by all known.

The stamped concrete, in turn, has the appearance of individual pieces of pebbles, but in reality it is a single piece of economic concrete, durable and pleasing to the eye, which will also be ready to be used ... Read more »

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Decorated concrete offers more durability and inherent strength. It is ideal for pedestrian floors, gardens, shopping centers, roads, parking lots, parks, garages, walkers and many other places.

This process is so simple that it only consists of four stages:

Addition of hardener color to concrete in fresh condition.
Addition of release color to the concrete in fresh to avoid that the molds stick to the concrete and to give it enhancement and realism, as if it were a natural stone.
Impression of the concrete in fresh with molds of polyurethane of high quality and realistic design.
Finally, apply the sealant on dry concrete to give it more enhancement and protect the color from dust, sun, water, and other factors.

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Regardless of how you travel, you’re a pedestrian at some point for nearly every trip you take. In Portland we have 2,504 miles of sidewalks and 37,782 corners.

For Portlanders with a physical disability, streets without a curb ramp present significant barriers to travel and make it challenging simply to cross the street. Curb ramps make it easier for others using the sidewalk, such as seniors, children, parents with strollers and people with shopping carts or rolling suitcases. Curb ramps add to a more pleasant pedestrian environment.

we are committed to help people with disabilities and making it easier for others to walk and roll along Portland’s sidewalks and street crossings. Rebuilding corners to provide curb ramps is one significant way the City provides access for people who use wheelchairs and other mobility devices in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA).

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The driveway apron, the area between the side walk and the curb, brings an element of personal design to your curb appeal that welcomes guests as well as provides for sturdy reinforcement for the inevitable outside forces that most openings to private driveways harden at one time or Another Driveway aprons are optional and if you should opt to have one, the designs and ways to go about doing them carry many options as well.

Do know that you do not have to use the same material for your apron as the rest of your driveway and in fact you probably do not want to as a pop of color or change in material is very eye catching. Basically a little creativity goes a long way in adding home value and curb appeal. Whether you desire a splash of color or an alluring landscaped masterpiece, it's totally up to you.

So, there you have it. Driveway aprons. A fairly easy way to uniquely compliment your home while protecting it; And bring unity to the overall look of your property. ... Read more »

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The word porch is derived from the Latin word "porta", which means "door" or "entrance"; This architectural element, is a great idea to decorate the exterior of our house, since in addition to shade when the days are very sunny, we can enjoy the freshness of the summer night; Share pleasant meals and conversations with friends and family or just relax and contemplate the landscape.In portland weather porchs to protect us from the rain and to also drink a nice hot cup of coffee.

A porch is that architectural space that gives a first impression to anyone who looks at their house, so it is important to always take care of the look of the porch so that your house always has that distinctive and elegant touch.

A good exterior image can make us stand out over the rest if we also want to sell our property.

Get our professional service of the Eternal Rock Construction Inc team to build or repair the main entrance or porch of your house, ... Read more »

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One of the main consequences of the cavities that occur under the pavement slabs is that it destabilizes a structure and therefore settlements of different types occur because of this, and in extreme cases the entire slab comes down.

Eternal Rock Construction Inc offers the construction of slab of good quality and great durability, are many reasons why a slab must be safe and durable.

The cement slab represents a good resource to level a surface of land, in order to take advantage of it to carry out an extension of the house, or simply to improve its appearance. Its correct construction not only demands the use of the right materials, but also of patience and precision, and our team is highly qualified to achieve a successful project.

These may be some examples of an armed slab.

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Eternal Rock Construction Inc prides itself on the great skill of concrete repair, especially concrete steps, our team is highly qualified and recommended to repair any type of concrete structure especially concrete steps.
If you need to repair steps or stairs do not hesitate to come to us, we have been repairing concrete structures more than 40 years.
We use state-of-the-art technology and special resources to repair its concrete structure and make sure we give it life for many more years looking like new.
You can then check the effectiveness of our work by appreciating some of our most recent work.
Now you know you have our team of professionals to repair concrete structures in your home or business.

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ETERNAL ROCK CONSTRUCTION INC in Portland OR, we offer the most innovative and durable concrete steps.
For more than 40 years the Eternal Rock Construction Inc team has offered good quality concrete steps and safety to a safe entrance for businesses and homes.
We build different designs of stairs ranging from modern, classic, utilitarian, to rustic designs that can go very well in some spaces both internal and external of the house.

Line or single-ladder ladders
Sideways and circular stairs
U-shaped stairs
L-shaped stairs

The style depends a lot on the design, do not worry about the photos that are shown you will be able to have ideas of which to choose, be a contemporary model, rustic, classic or even artistic for what they look for something out of the ordinary.

Eternal Rock Construction Inc specialists have the ability to achieve the project you want.

You can see for yourself some of our most recent wor ... Read more »

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The Eternal Rock Construction Inc team has been specializing in walkways for years.
It offers original and responsible performance when building a walkway in the yard of your home or on the plan you require.
We have several purposes when working with diverse amount of clients of the area, we develop sensible projects of good quality that comply with the affidavits of the city. We also develop any projects that exceed the expectation of their thinking by building walkways with an elegant and artistic touch.

Concrete Walkway Design Options

Limitless color options through stains or integral colors
Stamped or saw-cut designs and textures
Simulated wooden slabs
Simulated cobbles
Straight or curved
Exposed aggregate
Decorative borders

Interacting with nature is always necessary and is a way to fill our lives. The simple contemplation of our garden, for example, has a therapeutic effect. Enjoying colors or a g ... Read more »

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