We are always told to build on firm foundations. These are wise words. They apply as much to daily life as they do to construction. So when a homeowner finds cracks on the foundations of their property, it’s only natural to worry. Nowadays, there are many methods to repair foundation cracks, and fortunately you can access them all right here in Portland. As a matter of fact, cracks and concrete go together. That does not mean that you should overlook any damage. Your contractor can help you evaluate the extent of the problem.

Portland  and Pisa?

We have all seen pictures of the leaning tower of Pi ... Read more »

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Concrete steps are everywhere. They are a common feature of American architecture. They serve us well. They are hardy no-fuss structures that get stepped on all the time and you never hear them complain. After all that wear, it should come to us as no surprise that every now and then we need to give them some upkeep. When it comes to concrete steps, the damage can come in many shapes and forms. It’s a good idea to call your professional contractor. However, let’s get you through the basics.


Assessing the Damage


Most defects are cosmetic in nature. For example, the nose on landing steps chips away quite easily. The tread can suffer damage or simply wear away with time. Repairing these is a straightforward job. Other times, the flooring could be damaged, making the step unsafe. Someone could trip or get a shoe stuck. If the riser is damaged, then you need to take a caref ... Read more »

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We are Eternal Rock Construction Inc, we are a company dedicated to construct many things in concrete, such as city sidewalks, retaining walls, driveways, concrete steps and many other. We are a concrete contractor in Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington.

We are also one of the oldest companies in the market, we have been doing business for over 20 years in the northwest, with a combine experience of forty years. As a company that love to construct things our priority is to have the best materials to allow an amazing construction. When you work with us you work with a group of people that are the best at their area, we have the best experienced professional that will make anything for you. 

Because we are the company to call

There are many people that need to make repairs at their house and we are the ones they call for every construction make in concrete. We are the company that will give you the project you dream with high- ... Read more »

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The foundation is that part of the structure whose function is to adequately convey the loads of the structure to the ground and provide a stable support system.

The foundation will be well designed if it adequately fulfills its double function, stability and resistance, controlling two limit states namely service conditions and failure failure conditions.

These two fault conditions are called boundary states, because they both determine whether a foundation serves or not.

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Eternal Rock Construction Inc is highly specialized in the construction or repair of a retaining wall.

The retaining walls are constructive elements that fulfill the function of enclosure, generally supporting the horizontal efforts produced by the thrust of earth. In other types of construction, they are used to contain water or other liquids in the case of deposits.

A retaining wall not only supports the horizontal thrust transmitted by the ground, it must also receive the vertical forces transmitted to pillars, load walls and slabs that support them. Most of the retaining walls are constructed of reinforced concrete, fulfilling the function of supporting the ground thrust, generally in dismounts or embankments, avoiding the collapse and supporting the slope.

Please feel free to look at examples of our most recent works

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The Eternal Rock Construction Inc team knows how to repair concrete sidewalks and the installation of concrete sidewalks of all shapes and sizes. 

Over the years, we have become one of the leading in concrete sidewalk repair and installation companies in the Portland OR metro area. From the standard sidewalk to custom concrete sidewalk designs, we can handle any project. We also offer other alternatives, such as added exposed sidewalks, multi-grooved sidewalks, stamped concrete, colors and many other more specific types of sidewalk facilities. If you already have a damaged concrete sidewalk, you can repair that. Whether your existing concrete suffers from root damage, water damage, or serious damage load weight.

We try to understand the needs of our customers. When we carry out a concrete sidewalk project we put as much emphasis on concrete removal and demolition as the installation of the new sidewalk. We know how important it is to keep disaster and ruin to a ... Read more »

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Protect elements from the elements, cover irregularities and
Provide a uniform base to another coating or as a final finish.
Accuracy requirements in the planes of finishes, the flattened ones can be: to talocha, lead and rule, to level and rule or to blowout and rule,
By their type of surface finish, the flattened ones can be: repellado, polish to sponge, rustico to flat, among others
It is that the sliding sample follows vertical to the plumb line. The advantage of using lead is that it allows flattening of high quality.

Level and rule:

It is the application of the mixture, and must be properly leveled. Any type of level aided with bursting (hemp threads) is used. Once the surface is level, the rule is preceded to extend the flattening of the samples. Then it is tuned with the help of the trowel until having a completely smooth surface.

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The exposed concrete is a great specialty of the team of Eternal Rock Construction, more than 40 years covering perfectly this area.

The exposed concrete is durable, durable and useful for all types of applications, from warehouses to art galleries and garages to domestic living rooms. It is particularly useful for heavy loads or traffic or, when combined with underfloor heating, for continuous and efficient space heating. As a finish they may appear utilitarian or luxurious depending largely on the materials chosen and installation techniques.

The most common texture or finish for indoor exposed concrete floors is polished - either float power for a smooth solid appearance, or ground diamond for exposing aggregates. A requirement for increased slip resistance is often an engine for exploring other options, such as the inclusion of retarders or shot blasting. Some of the techniques most used for external surfaces, such as imprinting or brushing, can also be used for ... Read more »

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The stamped concrete is the result of adding color and texture to the concrete that is in a fresh state, so as to resemble the appearance of materials such as: stones, slabs, terracotta, bricks, paving stones, etc.

The use of stamped concrete is growing because of its versatility and visibility; It also has two important advantages over other materials: durability and cost. The slabs of stone and bricks are options that despite their good visual impression, carry two major drawbacks: a long time of construction and the price of materials and specialized manpower they require, warrant a very high budget , In regard to surface finish for floors. In addition they have mortar joints where you can give the entrance of water, resulting the consequences by all known.

The stamped concrete, in turn, has the appearance of individual pieces of pebbles, but in reality it is a single piece of economic concrete, durable and pleasing to the eye, which will also be ready to be used ... Read more »

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Decorated concrete offers more durability and inherent strength. It is ideal for pedestrian floors, gardens, shopping centers, roads, parking lots, parks, garages, walkers and many other places.

This process is so simple that it only consists of four stages:

Addition of hardener color to concrete in fresh condition.
Addition of release color to the concrete in fresh to avoid that the molds stick to the concrete and to give it enhancement and realism, as if it were a natural stone.
Impression of the concrete in fresh with molds of polyurethane of high quality and realistic design.
Finally, apply the sealant on dry concrete to give it more enhancement and protect the color from dust, sun, water, and other factors.

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