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Okay, it’s just a driveway. But we put big demands on Eternal Rock. We wanted a driveway that would act like a gutter, and channel water away from our house and away from my neighbor’s house, and into the street. So we wanted a V-shaped driveway, sloping to the street, but we didn’t want the V to be dramatic.  I had my concerns throughout the project but it has now been thoroughly tested and it works perfectly.


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March 02, 2016 Project finished successfully in Burger King Salem Flat Concrete work, We are confident that our work speaks for itself.

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Our team of concrete specialists can create beautiful, durable, and functional concrete structures and also flatwork for any need you may have. Our concrete service focuses on the removal, installations and repair of city sidewalks, walkways, driveways, stamped concrete patios, concrete steps, slab, garage floors, basement floors, floor repair, small footings and foundations. Sidewalk and Driveways repairs of City of Portland Affidavits Guaranteed to meet City of Portland Specifications and Requirements.

When you work with Eternal Rock Construction Inc, you know you're working with experienced professionals who specialize in high-quality projects.
Discuss your next project with our knowledgeable experts and let us provide solutions that will meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

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