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Sand Finish Concrete

Protect elements from the elements, cover irregularities and
Provide a uniform base to another coating or as a final finish.
Accuracy requirements in the planes of finishes, the flattened ones can be: to talocha, lead and rule, to level and rule or to blowout and rule,
By their type of surface finish, the flattened ones can be: repellado, polish to sponge, rustico to flat, among others
It is that the sliding sample follows vertical to the plumb line. The advantage of using lead is that it allows flattening of high quality.

Level and rule:

It is the application of the mixture, and must be properly leveled. Any type of level aided with bursting (hemp threads) is used. Once the surface is level, the rule is preceded to extend the flattening of the samples. Then it is tuned with the help of the trowel until having a completely smooth surface.

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